Community Supporters

GQNRC would like to thank the following supporters. These individuals and/or organizations have helped our center grow and develop, and thus enhanced the quality of service to the youth we serve. Thank you!
If you would like to learn more about how you can support our programs, visit our How to Help page.

The McHenry County Mental Health Board generously supports our programs through financial means. They also help us to refer our clients to appropriate social service agencies. Thank you!


United Way of McHenry County financially supports our organization and provides support, tools, and resources for organizations in our network. Thank you for all of your support!


The McHenry County Community Foundation has financially supported our gardening program and our capacity to bring on and support volunteers. MCCF has also supported our parent education and outreach programs and have financially supported GQNRC during tough transition times. They have also been a link between us and community   members hoping to support our programs. We cannot thank you enough!

The Foglia Family Foundation has generously continued to support our parent education and outreach programs.



Big Brothers Big Sisters of McHenry County provides trained mentors to work one-on-one with our youth at our site. This gives our youth a safe place to talk openly with a role model they know they can confide in. Thank you!



Nuestro Futuro   The Chicago Community Trust’s Nuestro Futuro Initiative has supported our administration through capacity building funds. With their help we have trained new staff members, added to our technological capacity, and are able to provide more educational opportunities for our parents. Thank you!


DHSLogoThe Illinois Department of Human Services continually provides assistance when needed to our youth and families. The organization provides a place for agencies like ourselves to turn to when in need. Thank you!



Ace Hardware of McHenry has generously donated land space on their lot for us to use as our community garden. This has given us an invaluable space to teach our students hands-on lessons while engaging the entire community. Thank you!


The Chapel has generously donated backpacks and school supplies to all of our students, ensuring that they are prepared for the next academic year. Members from the church also volunteer their time, coming to work one-on-one with students for reading and homework help. Thank you!



The McHenry Police Department continues to be our ally as we strive to provide the most support we can for our young people, keeping them off the streets and out of trouble. Thank you!



First United Methodist Church

The First United Methodist Church of McHenry County provides a wide variety of support to our programs including continued donations of snacks, and donations of meal and snack bags through Operation Backpack; these bags full of food ensure that no student goes hungry over the weekend. Thank you!



NIFB logo


The Northern Illinois Food Bank has been supporting our programs since 2014 with free lunches during the summer programs. NIFB has also started providing free snack throughout the entire school year during our after-school program. Thank you so much!


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