Sponsor a Youth

GQNRC has been helping our community thrive since 2004 by providing a no-cost after-school program to help our children's futures be bright!

Sponsor a child to attend our after-school program this year!

Your sponsorship will give a child the opportunity to:
  • Achieve in school
  • Live a healthier life
  • Learn new skills

Why sponsor a youth? In addition to knowing you are helping our community thrive, studies consistently show that after-school programming is good for society as a whole. Youth in our programs are highly likely to graduate from high school. High school dropouts are much more likely to be incarcerated and cost society tens of thousands of dollars in their lifetime.

Meanwhile, numerous studies have cited additional positive effects that after school programs have for at-risk youth. For example, youth who participate in after-school programs improve in key areas that foster student success in school including social and emotional development and avoidance of risky behaviors.

Becoming a donor will help keep McHenry County students from engaging in dangerous behavior that can range from violence and drugs to teen pregnancy. It will also help tie you to your community. You’ll know you are giving back to your community in a truly beneficial and lasting way.

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