Peace Project

Developing Resilience to Adverse Childhood Experiences

In March of 2019, we opened the Sage Legacy Peace Room, a space for youth to receive therapy from a licensed clinical therapist and to practice self care strategies.  This space is also used by YFC staff to conduct needs assessments and mental health screenings and to meet with clients regarding their personal goals and challenges.  

The Sage Legacy Peace Room is part of YFC´s  new Peace Project.  The goal of the Peace Project is to develop staff and programs to more effectively meet the needs of individuals who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences.   

According to Harvard University, “No one who has experienced significant adversity is irreparably damaged, though we need to acknowledge trauma’s effect on our lives.  By reducing families’ sources of stress, providing children and adults with responsive relationships, and strengthening the core skills we all need to adapt and thrive, we can prevent and counteract lasting harm.”   

Almost all of the participants  in YFC´s Youth Program have one or more Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE), and half of the teen participants in the Youth Program, compared to just 11% nationwide,  had 3 or more  ACES.  Experiencing multiple ACES is associated with toxic levels of stress that are harmful to children's health and development.